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Heavy Duty Planer Milling Machine
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Heavy Duty Planer Milling Machine

1. BXM20 series of standard gantry planer milling machine is a mechatronic product that combines planing, milling and grinding functions in a machine. It is suitable for processing high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools on various ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic parts. To complete the plane, inclined plane, side, slot, rack and other processes planing, milling, grinding process of processing.

2. Table drive mode: Helix inclined axis power input rack drive. Main gearbox are 2 files 4 speed, stepless speed adjustable table, servo control.
3. Beam locking: Beams for mechanical automatic locking, and cross-beam lift to achieve chain control.

4. Li Pian head, side plow feed stepless adjustable.

5. All parts of the machine tool by my company, processing, assembly, Casting materials are high-quality cast iron, After all the high temperature aging, vibration aging secondary aging treatment, Fully eliminate the internal stress of the casting. Bed, column, beam rails all through the audio frequency quenching.

6. According to user needs, can be customized special specifications, equipment configuration can be any mix.

machine tool modelBXM2035BXM2040BXM2045
The maximum processing lengthmm6000-160008000-180008000-18000
The maximum processing widthmm350040004500
The maximum processing heightmm1500-25001800-30002000-3000
Workbench lengthmm6000-160008000-180008000-18000
Workbench widthmm300035004000
Machine maximum loadT6000mm22T8000mm32T8000mm35T
Machine weight (about)T6000mm45T8000mm65T8000mm68T
Workbench moving speedmm/min300-40000
Workbench motorkw30-175
Beam lifting speedmm/min30-300
Milling head about speedmm/min30-1200
Bore Milling head motor powerkw15-45
Bore Head milling tripmm100-300
Bore Milling head spindle taperBT50
Bore Milling head speed

Bore Milling cutter head diametermm80-300


The machine tool milling head box body with all 20CrmonTiA gear material, after finishing the carburizing quenching and precision grinding, improve the accuracy of the same time reduce the noise, all the shaft 40Cr material after quenching and refining, improved Product life.

V7 milling power head of the main technical parameters
Equipped with motor power KW15
Spindle related size (mm)Cone degree=7:24锛孨O:50锛?/td>
Recommended cutter diameter (mm)MAX=200銆
Spindle speed r / min6 levels 106銆?73銆?36銆?98銆?86銆?64銆
Stroke effective stroke (mm)250
Mop rotation angle30掳銆

榫欓棬閾? 鍥剧墖.jpg

workbench using rack drive, Motor and transmission directly linked, Enhance the sensitivity and stability of the workbench, Reliably guarantee the smooth operation of the workbench at high speed, Slow motion does not crawl.


1. Speed range 5-120HZ stepless speed regulation, 50-60HZ following constant torque speed; 50 (60HZ) above the constant power speed.

2. The motor can withstand 160% of rated torque overload, which lasted 1 minute.

3. Low torque smooth, no crawling phenomenon

4. Through the voltage inverter device to enhance, to ensure that the motor output torque at 5HZ rated torque without causing the motor heat and burn the motor

5. Insulation class: F and H level

6. Protection class: motor IP55, IP56; axial motor IP54



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